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What do the media say about abc PocketPhonics?

New York Times

One of my children’s favorite early reading apps is abc PocketPhonics

When it comes to learning apps for young learners and early readers, there is no better choice than abc PocketPhonics.


This app has been a class favorite for students who are still learning their letter sounds.

an easy-to-use app that allows children to focus on learning

Break Time Apps video review

PocketPhonics, a fantastic app for teaching phonics

Parents’ Choice
Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner

Wall Street Journal

And apps are helping Zane Pike—the 4-year-old who refused to practice his letters. The Cabot, Ark., boy won't put down his mom's iPhone, where she's downloaded a $1.99 app called "abc PocketPhonics."

making writing practice fun (a $1.99 iPhone app called "abc PocketPhonics" rewards kids with "cheering pencils")

Children's Technology Review gives 2011 Editor's Choice Award to PocketPhonics

Teachers of young children (Pre-K to 3) take note. This is a rare app -- the first we've seen that combines letter tracing with the ability to switch between D'Nealian or Zaner Bloser, with additional options for lower case, upper case or cursive.

The National

Young children can practise writing letters and making the correct sounds before moving on to more complex word games - all to some delightfully jaunty music. And did we mention the cheering writing utensils? Just enough flattery to keep them at it for hours.

Kids Best iPad Apps

easy to navigate, the activities are age appropriate and there is a good variety of learning tools that teach kids in multiple ways

Galesburg Register-Mail

Working on the iPad ... has helped Hart dramatically improve his handwriting and boost his confidence.
The only app selected as one of the 8 best phonics learning tools (other tools selected included books, websites and CDs)

“abc PocketPhonics” is an amazing app. A universal app—it works with both iPhone and iPad—PocketPhonics teaches the basics of reading and writing to young kids. Most surprising? It seems to work.

This app feels much like a private tutoring session for early readers with emphasis on letter sounds and writing

Teach Children to Read with the abc PocketPhonics App for iPad

Focus on phonics

A lot of research and thought has gone into producing PocketPhonics - if you are looking for a way to help your child learn their letter sounds in a fun and engaging way (and you happen to own either an iPhone or an iPad) then I think this is a great app to go for.


I really like the format, and combination of letter writing and sound pronunciation. The word games are great phonics practice too.

this really is a fantastic app and I’ve seen a significant improvement in my daughter's writing and letter reading skills, certainly far more than enough to justify the extremely low price tag of PocketPhonics.

you can “hire” this nifty phonics tutor to prepare your beginning reader and writer for school. And it works!

This app feels like you have a teacher or a tutor working with your child one on one.
Rated 4th best app for kids' education.

A good educational app should not only teach kids, it should be fun and engaging as well. This app checks all the boxes.

Macworld app of the day

Teach your kids to write with this innovative educational iPhone app ... help young children understand letters, and start the road to reading.

Pocket Phonics is seriously educational and I think it’s a terrific tool for helping early readers. You can tell that a ton of thought and research was put into it and best of all, they talked and listened to teachers. It shows.

Technology in Education

If you are working on phonics for your kids, this is the best application to have.

“Best” award by Awarded to applications which are of high quality and in great demand.

Speech gadget

Therapists can use this app to target the following skills: literacy, phonemic awareness, letter identification, sound symbol relationships, diagraphs, letter formation, blending, decoding and spelling.

abc PockPhonics is a great learning aid for young children presented in a way that both parents and children will enjoy. - An Australian educational website

This app takes a great drill and practice method to learning phonics and letter-sounds

This inexpensive ($2) iPhone app has received several awards, plus a number of favorable reviews on iTunes. The primer helps children sound out letters, gives them the opportunity to practice writing, and teaches 170 simple "first words" in an enjoyable, game-like style.

It's worth getting the paid version on this application because it gives you many more options for sound blends, etc. I highly recommend this application for kids learning their letters and sounds.

This one comes universally recommended by my colleagues in Year FS, 1 & 2. I saw it being used extremely effectively as part of a Year 2 phonics lesson

Highly polished, entertaining and educational app that makes learning easy and fun for toddlers on the go. Rating: 4.5/5