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Independent research on PocketPhonics

Independent research completed in 2012 for a university thesis in the UK compared the effectiveness of teaching using PocketPhonics with a lesson in a classroom.

The researcher was motivated to conduct the research because he could find no previous research that demonstrated with hard numbers the effectiveness of iPads as an education tool. He also found scepticism about the impact of technology on education because of the perceived lack of “pedagogical knowledge and understanding” amongst developers.

The researcher chose PocketPhonics because it did demonstrate pedagogical knowledge and understanding.

The research was conducted in two UK schools. The dramatic findings were:

“pupils’ knowledge of phonics improved in 94% of sounds after just 30 minutes of usage, with no direction or input from a teacher, compared to the 10% improvement achieved in ordinary lessons.”

The children learnt nine times as fast using PocketPhonics.

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