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New iPad app teaches kids the basics of reading and writing

London, UK, August 3 2010 
A new iPad app teaches young kids the basics of reading and writing. The award-winning abc PocketPhonics is from education app specialists: Apps in My Pocket Ltd. Originally launched for iPhone in December 2008, it’s now been re-worked for the iPad.

Apps in My Pocket director, John Friend, said, “Since the iPad launched parents and teachers have harangued us for an iPad version. We took our time to make sure we took full advantage of the iPad’s big screen. ”

The latest version of abc PocketPhonics is the top-rated app of its type on the US and UK App Stores with 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has also just been rated 4th best iphone app for educating kids on

Reading is taught using the synthetic phonics method selected by US, UK and Australian governments. Children are taught letter sounds and how to blend them together to sound out and spell words.

Writing letters is taught by the app demonstrating how to write a letter and the child mimicking this by tracing the letter with their finger. The app measures how well they trace and their success is greeted with applause from the app's friendly pencil people characters.

The iPad version makes it easier for young kids to practice their handwriting, and illustrates the words they are taught to spell with over 100 original, colorful pictures.

John continued, “We’ve been delighted that parents and teachers have praised the iPhone version’s educational excellence and made it one of the best-selling apps for teaching kids to read and write with over 85,000 sold, and over 330,000 downloads of the free, lite version. We believe they’ll love the new, universal version that supports both iPad and iPhone”.


Editor’s notes

Apps in My Pocket Ltd is a UK-based start-up that since October 2008 has created apps for the iPhone that deliver best educational practice. Visit for media kit (including app video, screenshots etc).